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How do I get a discount from Hydra store?
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Hydra is an online store that sells illegal products, most of them surfactants and similar “entertainment” substances. Naturally, the platform is interested in attracting and retaining an audience.

It is possible to make good profits only from clients who are willing to pay money. To win their favor, you need to provide excellent service, quality merchandise and accurate delivery. But, in order to further interest the client, it is necessary to use promotions and discounts.

Bonuses from Hydra Onion stores

Stores give rewards to customers who shop on a regular basis. This is issued either in the form of discounts or coupons for the next purchases. The coupon value can be up to 50%. This is really useful and enjoyable for customers who shop to the maximum.

You should not expect that the bonus can be obtained by making up to 5 purchases. You need to establish yourself as a “fan” of the store in order to receive gifts from the seller.

In addition to discounts, stores provide coupons that you can use immediately or accumulate an unlimited amount. For example, some sellers, when purchasing goods for 3000 rubles, offer a discount of 200-300-400 (and more) rubles. So, making a purchase for 3000 rubles, you can immediately use the provided coupon. But there are customers who simply save up coupons for a special purchase or for a rainy day. So, having accumulated a certain number of coupons, you can fully pay for the purchase with them.

How not to expire your discounts and coupons

The main danger of holding coupons for a long time is that Hydra is not your average trading floor. The store from which the coupons were received can be closed at any time, which will result in the nullification of all bonuses, without the right to restore.

Another danger comes from new stores. They entice customers by distributing coupons and discounts to all users. Don’t be too happy early – no one will “give” a quality product at a low price. It is impossible to order a sample of goods from a store, so you can only be sure of the quality of the product by paying its full price. In normal practice, stores reward repeat customers every 3-5 purchases. If a seller offers high and profitable coupons, then this is a reason to think and be wary.

How to use discounts and coupons

Sellers always know their regular customers and add them to their database. They have marked everything – who, how much and what bought, which allows them not to forget a single buyer. To use a discount or coupon, you need to write to the seller who will activate the bonus. The one, on the next purchase, automatically uses the bonus.

The client, after receiving the discount, will wait for his “treasure”. To get as many discounts and great deals as possible, you need to regularly purchase in the same store. This will significantly save money, which is good news. Do not forget that a discount or coupon can be obtained not only through purchases, but also by attracting other customers to the store.


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