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How couriers are bred on Hydra
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It’s okay on Hydra to turn customers over for money – this happens on a regular basis. Although admins are fighting scammers, their number is not decreasing, and the types of divorce change as others die off.

New schemes of deception of both customers and employees are born on Hydra almost every day. The overwhelming majority of fraudsters remain without punishment, because it is almost impossible to find a cheater on the Internet, and especially in TOR. And you will not be able to complain to other structures besides Hydra itself. When buying a product or looking for a job, you need to choose the right store so as not to be left without money.

What is the scheme of scammers?

To make money quickly and efficiently, many scammers do not use sophisticated schemes. They usually take the path of less resistance and use simple proven methods. So, they create a regular store, in which several people often work, and they themselves get a job as couriers to other sellers. In doing so, they recruit a headquarters of employees to their store. At first, no one throws anyone. For the time being. After a certain time, the courier gets to the big money.

An approximate divorce scheme looks like this:

  • The fraudster gets a job as a courier in another store, where he pays a deposit and receives the goods for delivery;
  • The fraudster will not carry this product, but will find a newcomer to the treasureman, demand a deposit from him and give the goods;
  • The victim will periodically post bail to increase the consignment and hence income;
  • When the fraudster has a significant security deposit in his hands, he will close the store and disappear from Hydra. The courier will be left with nothing, working for a deceiver for free, giving him the money he earned and creating a reputation in a normal store.

Such divorces, of course, are offensive and leave a very unpleasant aftertaste, but they are relatively safe. Complaints to the moderators about the store will not give anything, since the fraudster has already safely escaped. The cheater will use dishonestly earned money to create a new account and use the scheme again until he gets bored.

The scheme is popular for the reason that it is impossible to find scammers. Even if it is possible to find them in some way, it will be impossible to bring them to legal responsibility. And when committing lynching, you need to worry about the future: whether the reptile will harm in return.

How to deal with such scammers?

The answer will disappoint you, but it is almost impossible to combat such a deception scheme. Alternatively, before the fraudster leaked, you can write to the moderator and demand justice. However, the admins will definitely not be able to guarantee anything.

In order not to fall for the bait of deceivers, you yourself must be vigilant. Do not trust a first-time store that offers suspiciously profitable cooperation. The fraudster will obsessively prove that his store is the best, and the salary will be higher than that of competitors.

You should believe and work only for proven, perennial stores that have a lot of reviews, including negative ones. No one excludes the possibility of deception on their part, however, they are still more reliable than no-name stores. Do not forget that working as a courier is dangerous in itself, and the seller can leak your data in order to save his butt from harassment.

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