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Briefly about the bookmarks on the hydra
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Many users, especially beginners, when buying prohibited substances, think about how they will receive the package. It is impossible to send this by mail. So, let’s look at all the options.

The goods are delivered by means of bookmarks. This method is not new, it was inherited from RAMP – which was the king of the black market for a long time, and after a hard fight with Hydra, it has sunk into oblivion, leaving behind a powerful legacy. Transfer by bookmarks is remarkable in that the client does not have to contact the seller and the courier, thereby ensuring his anonymity.

What is the convenience of bookmarks

The bookmarks are simple and noteworthy in several ways. Firstly, the client does not have to receive goods directly from the huckster. This reduces the risk of scam and fawn. Secondly, the purchase is paid through crypto, which ensures complete anonymity.

Newbies do not know that bookmarks are divided into 2 types: regular and magnetic. The courier hides simple bookmarks in any inconspicuous places. However, it costs a lot of nerves for the delivery man: it becomes more and more difficult to find unexplored accessible and unremarkable places in cities.

The advantage of magnetic tabs is that a magnet is placed in the bag of goods, which clings to any metal surface. It can be anything: from garbage cans to fences and downpipes. Such a bookmark is many times more difficult to find, easy to hide and take away unnoticed.

If the courier leaves a bookmark in the wrong place, the “seagulls” may find it. In this case, both the client and the courier will suffer, from whose collateral or salary the amount of loss will be deducted.

Treasure is a convenient way to transfer

In addition to bookmarks, there is another equally common method of delivering goods – treasures. While few people knew about this method, it was relevant in cities. It was possible to hide it under any bush, object, in any inconspicuous place with the ground. But treasures have become a dangerous method, because both the “seagulls” and the enterprising citizens who are actively fighting the treasures and hand them over to the police have learned about them. Therefore, the treasures are most often located in the suburban or forest zone.

The treasure (prikop) looks like this: a hole is pulled out in the ground, where the goods are placed. They can simply sprinkle the hole, make a reliable cache with a double bottom, mark the goods with a stone or piece of wood. The courier after the prikop sends the client coordinates, photos and special signs. Such transfer of goods, although more difficult, is more reliable, since it will be more difficult for the “seagulls” to find goods.

Tips for beginners when digging for treasure

In order to easily pick up the treasure bought on Hydra, it is recommended to go in search of it with someone. It is best to have a car – this will allow you to quickly hide and not run into trouble. Finding a treasure with a friend is better because it does not attract attention, provides minimal security and covers your true intentions.


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