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How the pandemic affected Hydra’s customers
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Hydra в коронавирус

Covid touched the whole world, not excluding Hydra. It suffered just as well as legal companies, suffering some losses.

The new virus led to mass hysteria, due to which people found themselves in a lockdown, borders were closed, movement was restricted, and the like. Covid has left an imprint on both buyers and sellers. Despite the shortcomings, there are also positive aspects: the demand for harmful and illegal products has increased, therefore, Hydra has not gone negative.

Difficulties in delivery and receipt of goods

Due to the long sitting at home without the usual entertainment, you have to look for alternative ways. Hydra has become an island of happiness that has provided those who want with entertainment. Of course, the number of sales increased, but there were some problems.

The pandemic has locked the homes of both buyers and couriers, who have become unable to deliver goods normally around the city. Someone was limited by the time in which it would be inconvenient for him to work, someone scattered bookmarks in their area, where it was easy to sleep and get on the article.

The buyer had a difficulty in picking up the goods. Due to the lockdown in cities, some customers simply could not pick up the goods at the specified coordinates. Someone, of course, made their way by detours. It was required that the goods be as close to home as possible, which not all couriers could provide.

Problems of a common buyer

The main concern about the impact of the pandemic on Hydra’s customers is that the abuse of illegal substances has increased. If earlier the average client could afford to relax a couple of times a month, then during the pandemic, the amount of revelry increased.

Due to the frequent purchase of expensive goods, customers’ wallets noticeably began to thin out. Those who are cut in wages or are laid off altogether, in the end, spent their reserves. As a result, couriers began to quickly appear on Hydra in search of easy and quick money needed for the next batch of potion or to cover debts.

Couriers act as consumables, so the crime detection statistics for law enforcement officers has improved.

Hydra купить в короновирус

Hydra купить в короновирус

How Hydra lived in a pandemic

At the beginning of the pandemic, Hydra functioned flawlessly, but after a few months, according to unofficial data, revenues fell by 20-25%. As a result, global projects aimed at developing the trading platform were postponed indefinitely. This, for example, the emergence of its own exchange, the launch of a cryptocurrency, entering the world arena.

In addition to a decrease in income, in all other respects the platform continues to function stably: new stores appear, the interface is improved and updated, tech works. support and so on. The Hydra pandemic did not add any global changes, everything remained in place, thus doing without losing customers.


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