List of Hydra mirrors

Official links for entering HYDRA via TOR

Below are the actual links to mirrors, which can only be opened through TOR. If you try to navigate through them in a regular browser, then nothing will come of it.

If you are on this site already through the TOP, then you can simply click on any link in the mirror. If from another browser, then the address can be copied and opened in TOR. 

Mirrors for regular browser: Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, FireFox, Microsoft Edge, Opera

If it is not possible to use TOR, then you can switch to HYDRA through a regular browser. However, we recommend using a VPN in order to avoid data leakage and interception, for your own safety.

This link also works with a TOR – browser, regardless of the Internet and provider.

Updating data once a day. The rating is based on the ping of access to the hydra mirror and the speed of user requests.

Statistics of conversions on links of mirrors for 6 months:

As you can see from the statistics, the leading positions are occupied by the first 2 links. They are most often used in DDoS attacks on the main site. In order not to wait long for downloads, it is best to use the most unpopular mirrors. They load the site quickly and work stably.