How do I get to the Hydra website?

How do I open HYDRA?

Your first visit to Hydra must be done correctly. The first step is to select the device on which the TOR will be installed. To install a dark browser, you need to select the type of your device and click on the download link. HYDRA is a gray market trading platform, namely the darknet, where you can buy prohibited substances and order services. Due to the fact that the user’s data is securely encrypted, the platform remains safe for customers and the Major will not be able to track you down. If you have an Iphone then follow the link below, download and install from the AppStore. If you have an Android smartphone, download and install the TOR browser from the Play Market.

Когда нет физических угроз, то и физическая защита не нужна, а вот информационная — нужна всегда.

Norbert Wiener (1894-1964) – American mathematician

1. Before visiting the platform, you must download TOR – a browser that is compatible with all devices. Download the secure TOR browser for HYDRA ONION from the official website or select the device below and download now:

2. Go to the Hydra website

Launch your installed browser to log into Hydra

Depending on the device type and OS, the location of the app / launcher icon may vary.

Follow the official Hydra link

To avoid phishing sites, it is strongly recommended to follow the official link only: http://hydraclbbg7tspwiknhejpewdzatd5egkw67pa3e64ipzde3z4hopmqd.onion. If the protocol differs from the one shown (for example, http – the site will not open). Read more about this in the mirrors section.

Required to enter a mandatory captcha

At hydraruzxpnew4af, enter English characters in the English layout. Captcha is not case sensitive. In case of an error, you can enter it again.


3. Create an account with Hydra

Create a username

The specified value must be unique, at least 16 characters, consisting of English letters and numbers. No one should be given a login, since it, like the password, is a pass to the hydra platform – this is your key.

Please enter a name

Other users will see this information. By this name or nickname, they will contact you or communicate with you. In no case should the login and name be made identical, scammers can take advantage of this and steal an account.

Set a password

The password must be strong, again for enhanced security. It must necessarily consist of lower and upper case, Latin letters, numbers and special characters (comma, period, apostrophe, quotation marks, dash, tilde). The more complex and confusing the password is, the lower the risk of account hijacking.

4. Search for goods on Hydra

We will now list the basic methods for finding products and getting to know the assortment of HYDRA stores. We remind you that HYDRA does not sell goods itself, but is an intermediary (trading platform or marketplace) between the seller and the buyer, providing both parties with a safe and comfortable service.
List of product categories on Hydra

The horizontal menu of the site contains drop-down tabs, the first of which represents product categories. When you click on it, the main categories are shown, and when you click on an item of interest, a list of subcategories will drop out. Below is a filter with which the product can be selected with maximum accuracy. For example: “reliable” – filtering stores by rating. “Producers only” – Shows only producers. “No digital” – the filter hides digital goods, for example, instructions, access, software, etc.

Popular shops on Hydra

The main page contains TOP-20 stores, it is important to note that the TOP is different in each region, but many buyers are repelled by such stores, rather than lured. They think the place is bought and the store sucks or is a scam. But if you think so, then not every fraudster will be able to afford to buy such an expensive place.

Search system on Hydra

This tab is more suitable for advanced users who know exactly what they need. Some stores act dishonestly, pointing to one product several names that do not correspond to it. Hydra admins prohibit using different names for one type of product. Often, the names are slang, for example, “gloomy” or “coke”.

Favorites on Hydra

The user can add products and stores to his “favorites” list – in which the products or stores he liked are placed in the future. To mark a product, you need to click on the “add to favorites” button. If you log in to another device, the favorites list will be saved.

Filter by cities on Hydra

If you need to search for stores only in your city, then using the filter you can find the city in which you want to buy goods. The site will show only those shops and goods that are in your city.

Forum on Hydra

In the Hydra community (on the forum), there are branches with the names of stores (shopping arcades). Initially, they are ranked by region, then by city. You can see the freshest and hottest discussions only here. In product reviews, it is impossible to write a review after a while, which cannot be said about the forum.

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The forum is the main communication base for users. Here are branches with regions and cities, where shops are indicated. On the forum, users share their impressions of the product, leave reviews about stores and just chat. The most up-to-date information is always on the forum!

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5. Top up balance on Hydra

You can only deposit funds using a Bitcoin address or through exchangers. It is impossible to rush to replenish or pay, because the slightest mistake can lead to both a delay in payment and a loss of funds. Check yourself and follow the instructions.
Select a top-up option

The surest way to top up your balance is by transferring from a bitcoin wallet. If you have an old account, then it is possible: transfer to a SIM card (TELE2), bank transfer to a physical card. face (not safe), QIWI translation, Yumani translation.

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We transfer funds

The enrollment time depends on the transfer option. The longest, but cheapest method is to replenish with cue ball.

We expect a transfer from the exchange of hydra

It is recommended that you keep the tab open while waiting for funds from Hydra . Average transfer time is 15 minutes. If the application was canceled, you need to photograph the receipt, fix the time of payment and contact the administrator.

6. Buying goods on Hydra

The last long-awaited step. After choosing a product, we click on the "confirm order" button. After successful payment, the order will be confirmed, and the seller will send the necessary information on its delivery and receipt.
24/7 operation of Hydra

The time for writing a review is 24 hours after purchase. If, after the expiration of the hours, the order is not confirmed, or a dispute does not open on it, the transaction will be considered completed.

Operational tech. support

If you have any questions or difficult situations, you can always contact the moderator and clarify the question of interest. In case of difficulties in finding the treasure, the moderator will add a courier to the conversation, where he will answer the troubled client.

You need to search for treasure quickly!

Do not forget that you need to be in the desired location no more than 10 minutes. Otherwise, it will raise suspicion. Under no circumstances should the treasure be unpacked near the place of delivery; this can easily attract the attention of law enforcement officers.

Do not store data on your smartphone

In no case should you store photos and treasure locations in your phone for a long time. You need to regularly clean your history and not share such photos with anyone. The location of the treasure cannot be approached by staring at the phone.

Plan your route in advance

In order not to attract too much attention, before going out for the treasure, you need to carefully think over the route. You need to dress modestly and inconspicuously, so as not to arouse suspicion of law enforcement officers and local residents.

Don't chat on Hydra in public

Do not under any circumstances communicate with the seller or courier in crowded places. There are many people who like to look at their phones who can snoop on you, or even beat you up. By a happy coincidence, even operas in civilian clothes can look into the phone.