The goal of our team is to help newbies visit the Hydra website competently and safely.

We do this on a voluntary, non-profit basis, without asking for anything in return. On our website you will find the most up-to-date information for 2021 on the main issues of interest to many users. And also many life hacks for a safe visit to Hydra.

Enjoy your shopping!

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Snopp Recommends!

Snopp Recommends!

Snopp Recommends!

How do I log into Hydra?

1. Download the TOR browser

Download the application ONLY from the official site. In other cases, this will lead to the leakage of personal information into the hands of scammers or law enforcement officers, as well as to theft of BTC (bitcoins). Download TOR

2. Checking the settings

If you encounter difficulties during the installation process, it is worth checking the compatibility of the OS and the version of the application. Especially for beginners, we have written a detailed step-by-step instruction.Read the detailed step-by-step instructions.

3. Choosing a mirror

To get to the site, you need to use the official ONION link GO, or one of several mirrors, links to which are on our site. Open the TOR browser and paste the link, go to the site, bookmark the site.

4. Registration on Hydra

By going to the site you will see the captcha. Before registering, you must enter a captcha, after which you will need to come up with a username, nickname and password by which you will enter the site. The password must be strong and contain upper case letters, lower case letters, special characters so that you will not be hacked. After registration, study the rules of the site and select a country and city.

5. Balance replenishment

You can go to the wallet by clicking on the wallet icon in the upper right corner, or in your personal account by clicking on your login and going to the “My account” tab. You can replenish your balance only with BTC (Bitcoins). You can buy BTC through the built-in exchanger on Hydra, or by transferring money from your bitcoin wallet directly (which significantly saves time and money).

6. Buying staff

Wait a while for the balance to be replenished and as soon as this happens, we start buying stuff. The category of goods or services of interest can be selected on the left in the catalog menu. After that, you need to select a seller and pay for the purchase, following the instructions. The last stage is a message with coordinates and a photograph of the treasure.

Hydra mirrors are designed to distribute the load on the site and for access during DDoS attacks. All data is stored on reliable servers: the product database, stores, personal accounts and users – everything is similar to the main Hydra resource. We advise you to copy all links and keep them in a safe place. Buying goods through mirrors is completely safe and done exactly like on the main site. Save Hydra’s address to your smartphone or computer ONION.

Dispute resolution
Dispute resolution

If a customer has a dispute with a seller, then the Hydra dispute system comes to the rescue. If, for example, the treasure was not in the right place, then you will need to attach a photo of the place, describe the situation and send the order dispute to the dialogue. The decision will be considered up to three days, after which a verdict will be issued.

Schedule 24/7
Schedule 24/7

The HYDRA platform operates seven days a week and 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This is achieved thanks to the car sales system: with an instant purchase, the client immediately receives the coordinates with the left treasure.


Total security and anonymity is achieved thanks to the TOP browser and payment for goods through Bitcoins. It is almost impossible to calculate a customer or a seller via the Internet. Despite this, we recommend that you adhere to the general security rules that we post in our blog .


Surfactants occupy the main niche of goods. Also on the Hydra website you can purchase SIM cards, documents, rights, bank cards, security gadgets, VPN accounts, and more. The assortment will not leave anyone indifferent and each product will find its buyer.

Territory coverage
Territory coverage

Hydra operates not only in the Russian Federation, but throughout the CIS (11 countries), and also plans to enter the world market, becoming a drug monopoly. Hydra announced the Eternos project, in which everyone can buy tokers and shares in a simple way, which means they can invest in the creation of a new global system of which there are no analogues and the development of their own secure network similar to TOR. At the moment, these plans have been suspended due to the pandemic, but development and implementation have already begun.


Latest news from our project
15:42 21.05.2021
Время на прочтение 3 минут(ы)
Hydra is an online store that sells illegal products, most of them surfactants and similar “entertainment” substances. Naturally, the platform is interested in attracting and retaining an audience. It is possible to make good profits only from clients who are willing to pay money. To win their favor, you need to provide excellent service, quality merchandise and accurate delivery. But, in order to further interest the client, it is necessary to use promotions and discounts. Bonuses from Hydra Onion stores Stores give rewards to customers who shop on a regular basis. This is issued either in the form of discounts
15:34 21.05.2021
Время на прочтение 3 минут(ы)
It’s okay on Hydra to turn customers over for money – this happens on a regular basis. Although admins are fighting scammers, their number is not decreasing, and the types of divorce change as others die off. New schemes of deception of both customers and employees are born on Hydra almost every day. The overwhelming majority of fraudsters remain without punishment, because it is almost impossible to find a cheater on the Internet, and especially in TOR. And you will not be able to complain to other structures besides Hydra itself. When buying a product or looking for a job,
15:21 21.05.2021
Время на прочтение 3 минут(ы)
Users who are eager to purchase a prohibited product or service as soon as possible often ask themselves where to find a link to the official Hydra website in order to make a purchase safely and securely. Hydra, although not screaming about its existence at every step, attracts several hundred new users every day. Among them there are not only those who came to the site purposefully, but also those who just went to get acquainted. Such people constitute the interested audience that needs a link. How and where does the official link work First, you need to clarify the
13:05 21.05.2021
Время на прочтение 3 минут(ы)
Covid touched the whole world, not excluding Hydra. It suffered just as well as legal companies, suffering some losses. The new virus led to mass hysteria, due to which people found themselves in a lockdown, borders were closed, movement was restricted, and the like. Covid has left an imprint on both buyers and sellers. Despite the shortcomings, there are also positive aspects: the demand for harmful and illegal products has increased, therefore, Hydra has not gone negative. Difficulties in delivery and receipt of goods Due to the long sitting at home without the usual entertainment, you have to look for
12:48 21.05.2021
Время на прочтение 3 минут(ы)
Many users, especially beginners, when buying prohibited substances, think about how they will receive the package. It is impossible to send this by mail. So, let’s look at all the options. The goods are delivered by means of bookmarks. This method is not new, it was inherited from RAMP – which was the king of the black market for a long time, and after a hard fight with Hydra, it has sunk into oblivion, leaving behind a powerful legacy. Transfer by bookmarks is remarkable in that the client does not have to contact the seller and the courier, thereby ensuring

Report about the Hydra platform from Lenta.ru

Despite such a young age – 5 years from the moment of its appearance, Hydra managed to monopolize the market of both the Russian Federation and the CIS, suppressing all possible competitors, including the largest player RAMP.

The struggle with rivals was long and fierce. Companies showered each other with DDoS attacks, threw in disclosures and libel, made tips to law enforcement officers, hacker attacks, and so on. As a result of this confrontation, some stores sided with Hydra, some sold off assets and went underground, and some ceased to exist altogether.

As a result, after 3 years Hydra was able to take a leading position in the Russian and CIS markets. It is in the TOP-1 project on the darknet of Russia and the CIS. Today, the Hydra site is developing and does not plan to be content with what has been developed, now there are thousands of stores from 11 countries.

*Videos are hosted on our server, so leaking your browser fingerprint and IP address is simply impossible.
Briefly about Hydra. It's easy to enter, it's impossible to exit.

Today, Hydra is not just a website, but a platform with a variety of services that make it easier for both merchants and customers to use. So, you can not only buy and sell, but use the services of a lawyer, communicate on forums, look for work and much more. The range of goods and services is expanding, here you can always find:

  • Surfactants and other “entertainment” substances (marijuana, cannabis, euphoretics, stimulants, opiates, etc.);
  • Get prescriptions for the pharmacy and buy drugs that are not available;
  • Order various documents (rights, passport, licenses, certificates, etc.);
  • Order hacking, theft or penetration of data about a person;
  • Purchase bank cards;
  • Buy SIM cards in bulk;
  • Order counterfeit bills;
  • Find a high-paying job in one of the stores;
  • Use cryptocurrency exchangers, etc.

Hydra, through constant development, stands out from the competition, thereby attracting customers. Each update brings something new, useful for both sellers and buyers. Users see that developers are not indifferent to the platform, that it is constantly evolving, and due to this they continue to use and enjoy the convenience of the interface and services. Thanks to the location of the site in the TOR browser, security and anonymity work flawlessly. “Onion” encryption provides total protection against interference by law enforcement officers and hackers, which makes Hydra one of the most reliable and unattainable projects. The personal safety of the user is the most important thing that platforms of this kind can have.

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